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Bulk Organic Compost Soil

About Bulk Soil Farming Products:

Many companies use only low grade and free ingredients to create low-cost soils and composts that they can sell cheap. Many businesses do not take into account the Opportunity Costs associated with choosing a soil and compost provider. When purchasing a cheap product, remember to ask yourself: What is the cost in time waiting for a delivery date?  What is the cost of labor and materials having to pick out the garbage, unprocessed debris, or eradicating unwanted disease?  What is the cost of having to buy additional synthetic fertilizers to make up for the lack of nutrients in cheap soil?

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Amended Premium

Amended Premium: A complete organic soil blend with a compost base and 12 total ingredients including Nutraceutical grade Mushroom Compost, Mineral Compost, Bio-Char, Worm Castings, Fish Meal, Crustacean Meal, and more.

Best Practices: Excellent source of nutrition for gardening applications.

Supply & Delivery: We encourage you to order early. This product takes time to cool and supplies are limited.

Remember: Bulk Soil is hot from all the bio activity! Please allow time to cool and you can expedite the process by breaking into smaller piles and watering before planting

Amended Base

Amended Base: An affordable Organic compost base to get you going with 6 ingredients including Mineral Compost, Bio-Char, Worm Castings, and more.

Best Practices: Excellent starting base for garden needs. Basic Base is meant for you to amend further.

Supply & Delivery:We encourage you to order early. This product takes time to cool and supplies are limited.

Remember: There are many variances in gardening, such as the native soil, water usage, and sun or light exposure. Monitor your crops and amend when necessary to keep your crops healthy and to maximize your yield.

Amended Soil-Less

Amended Soil-Less:  A cooler, lightweight medium with minimal compost but high nutrient content.

Best Practices: Designed for nurseries, transplants, and growing in pots.

Supply & Delivery: We encourage you to order early. This product takes time to cool and supplies are limited.

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost:  Nutrient rich, nutraceutical compost substrate used to produce the highest quality organic mushrooms. There is no other mushroom compost like this available!

Best Practices: Can be used as mulch or worked into vegetable gardens as a soil amendment.

Supply & Delivery: Very limited quantity available. Call for pick up and delivery details.

Custom Blends

Custom Blends:  Amended soils is an excellent source for custom blends. Build to your custom specs from ingredients like: Worm castings, BioChar, Azomite, Oyster Shell, Bloodmeal, Rock Phosphate and More! If it exists, we can get it for you.

Supply & Delivery: Built to your specs, at the quantity you need and delivered to exact location. The more complex the blend, the more time may be needed to source inputs. Plan accordingly.

Customer Feedback: The blend you put together for us was perfect. It was exactly as we asked and was the best performing soil used in our garden last season. I will be recommending you to everyone I know.

Chicken Manure

Chicken Manure: There is no manure more rich than chicken manure, and even better is manure from egg-laying hens!  The same nutrients that benefit the quality of eggs the hens produce also pass through to the manure. This is the reason they call it black gold. OMRI Certified

It is a great fertilizer; chicken manure provides Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium (NPK!) to plants, more than horse, cow, or steer manure provides. Hen manure specifically is also high in other important minerals such as calcium.

Best Practices: An excellent soil amendment, chicken manure adds organic matter and increases the water holding capacity and beneficial biota in your soil

Supply & Delivery: Limited supplies are available.